Thursday, October 2, 2008

Having trouble sleeping...**

Ugh, I can't sleep again, but I'm exhausted, so I know I'll be in bed earlier tonight than I was last night. I'm planning on staying up for twenty minutes or so and then trying to go to bed again. I know when the baby is here I won't be sleeping through the night either, but at least I won't have this big ol' belly in my way anymore when I'm trying to sleep! I cannot wait to sleep on my back and on my stomach!!! I also cannot wait for my bladder to be at full capacity again so that I don't have to pee ALL THE TIME! I just have to keep reminding myself... not much longer, lol. One more thing I can't wait for... actually having the baby here! I love being in the nursery and just picturing her in her crib, hehe:).

We have an appointment tomorrow(today I guess), so you can expect there to be another blog soon. Hopefully I will be dilated enough that she can strip my membranes. If I'm not... then this could be a long wait, ugh. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Oh and thanks to the people who commented on some of our pictures:) ...if you haven't, then you should because they make me happy and being happy can produce oxytocin, which can induce labor. So you will be helping my baby arrive by putting a smile on my face! Hehe...


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