Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shell-V Slouchy Beanie Pattern

This hat is made to fit me loosely, after making the band you can decide on your own if you need it bigger or smaller before continuing on. I will explain sizing adjustments.

For a picture tutorial check out my Facebook Album.

Yarn used- medium worsted weight yarn
(I used just over one skein of Vanna's Choice in beige)
Hook size- J/10 6.00MM
Sewing needle
US terms used throughout
Hat is worked from the band up to the crown

Sts used:
Sl st= slip stitch
Ch= chain
Sc= single crochet
Dc= Double crochet

Special stitches for this pattern
V Stitch= DC, ch1, DC in same space
Shell= 5DC in same space
Chain space= gap under a chain

Starting with the band

Ch 6 (more if you want a thicker band, chain should be the width of the band plus 1 ch)

Row 1: Sc into 2nd ch from hook and into each ch to the end. Ch1 and turn. (5sc)

Row 2: Sc into the back loop only in each stitch. Ch1 and turn. (5sc)

Rows 3-60: Repeat row 2. The rows of the band need to be a multiple of 6 (ex: 48, 54, 60, or 66.)

When you reach your desired length fold the band in half and sl st the ends together. Stitch through the back loop of the side closer to you and the front loop of the other side.

Transition from band to body of hat

Ch1 and turn band so sl sts are in the center. We will be working this pattern around the outside of the hat.

Sc into every row. Count at the end to make sure you have the same number of sc's as the rows in the band.

Body of hat

Row 1: Ch4, dc in same space(counts as a v-stitch.) *Skip 2 stitches, shell, skip 2 stitches, v stitch.* Repeat * to * around. You will end with a skip 2 & shell. Join- sl st into 3rd ch of the starting chain.

Row 2: Ch3, dc in chain space, dc in next st(counts as first shell.) *V stitch in middle stitch of shell, shell in chain space of v stitch.* Repeat * to * around. You will end with a v stitch. Join- slip st into 3rd ch of the starting chain.

Row 3: Ch4, dc in same space (counts as v-stitch.) *Shell in ch space of v stitch, v stitch in middle stitch of shell.* Repeat * to * around. You will end with a shell. Join- slip st into 3rd ch of the starting chain.

Rows 4-18: Repeat Row 2 & Row 3 until you reach desired size.

Row 19: Ch 1, sc in every stitch. Join with sl st in first stich.

Fasten off leaving a very long tail. At least a foot.

Now you will have a large tube so it's time to sew up the top!

Turn your hat inside out.

Lay it flat so the tail is in the center. Sew a stitch through both sides of the hat in the center.

Fold it the other way so the opposite corners are in line with each other. (Should look sort of like a flattened hour glass.) Sew a stitch all the way through the middle.

Now you will have 4 corners pointing out. Pull opposite corners to the center and stitch in place.

You now have 8 corners.

Whip stitch each gap closed, weaving the yarn back to the center between each section.

Sew in your tails and turn your hat right side out:)