Monday, August 22, 2011

C25K is back on! Plus dread update:).

I'm back at it! While my mom and sister were here, I got into the habit of walking or running everyday, and I've really stuck to it! Tomorrow I start week 4 of the Couch to 5k plan and there's a 5k in early November that I'm planning on actually signing up for:). It feels so great to get outside every morning and I'm even starting to get a bit of a tan. I normally am more about safe sun than I am about being tan, but I have to admit, I look better with a little bit of a tan:P.

Got off track, lol, oh well, I don't claim to be a pro at this blogging stuff or anything. I just sort of write whatever comes to my head. It's my "secret public journal," as Mike Birbiglia would say;).

So anyways, in a pathetic attempt to stream this all together, you can see how tan I've gotten from all my running and walking in these pictures I took to show the change in my hair! It's been almost 8 months since I stopped brushing:).

I love this little squiggly one in the front.

Baby dreads:).

Back view, under the first layer of dreads.

That's really all I had to say... Things are going great in my life, overall! I hoop almost everyday and have been having SO much fun learning and perfecting new tricks. Once I hit the one month mark since I got my hoop, I'll be posting another video:).

Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Hooping Video

I made my first hooping video today! I mostly made it for my own benefit, so that a few months from now I'll be able to see where I started. I've had my hoop for less than two weeks, and honestly I'm really proud of how much I've learned in this short time! And tonight I tried two more tricks that I got almost right away!

So here is my video:)

Hooping is so great for me in so many ways. Before having kids I used to smoke, and every so often I would miss smoking. I didn't really miss cigarettes, but I missed those quiet moments outside, all by myself. So now I have that with hooping! And it won't kill me;). I'm so glad I've found hooping, I think it's just what I needed. It's something that is all mine, not related to being a mom or wife, it's just something that is all mine. I think everyone needs something like that.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I LOVE my hula hoop!

I got my hoop today and already love it! Before, I could never even get a hoop to stay up around my waist, but having a good quality hoop makes a huge difference! I can keep it up for a pretty long time now and have started to attempt some tricks. Two tricks I got today really gave me a hard time, I did each of them really well once, but definitely am no where near mastering them, haha. I feel so happy, hooping really does lift my spirits in a way nothing else has. There's just this feeling of elation:). When I get some tricks down I'll have to make a little video to post. I definitely want to record my progress so in a few months I can look back and really see how much better I get.

Here's a close up of the prettiness:)

Also, my mom, brother, and sister are here! They're just visiting for a little while, but it is SO nice having them here. I love having the extra hands with the girls and just having more big people to talk to, lol. I hope this time doesn't go by too quickly, but only a few months and we'll be living in the same town. I'm definitely looking forward to that.