Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just a blog for the sake of blogging**

So there's really no new news... I'm just really bored and I like to type, so I thought I would write a blog to occupy my time. It's weird to think that there's a pretty good chance that we'll have a baby this weekend! I am 39 weeks and like 3 days pregnant today. At my last appointment I opted not to have an internal exam... because I just don't see the point until I'm at my due date. This Thursday I'm going to have the internal done so I can know whether or not I'm dilated or effaced, and she might even strip my membranes. For everyone who does not know stripping my membranes is essentially her separating the amniotic sac from my cervix, to try and put me into labor. If it works I will most likely go into labor Thursday night or sometime Friday. I'm hoping I won't go into labor until Friday, so that Michael won't have to leave work early, so that we can get the weekend without him needing to sign out quite yet, which would give us a few extra days of his leave, hehe...

I am so excited for her to get here!!! I've been super bored lately, with nothing to do and I'm actually excited to be busy! Right now I rarely sleep for more than 2 hours at a time anyway, so I don't think getting rest will really be a problem for me, I have no problem napping whenever I need to, lol. Hopefully she'll be a sleepy baby like I was, hehe... my mama says I slept a lot when I was little so I'm crossin' my fingers that little McKaleigh will be the same way:).

So we've been set on the name McKaleigh for awhile now... but I'm sort of scared that it won't "feel right" when we have her. What if I have her and she just doesn't feel/seem like a McKaleigh? Her name is embroidered on so many things, lol... Oh well, I'm sure it will seem right, I'm probably worrying about nothing. What freaks me out more than that... what if somehow it's a boy! Haha, that would be awful!!! I have so much little girl stuff, I don't what I would do, lol.

Another thing that's been on my mind... whether or not I want to do this all over again! I've seriously been thinking a lot about that lately. As long as I can remember, I've wanted two kids, a boy and a girl, in that order. Well things already are changed by having the girl first, lol. Then I was thinking what if we have another baby and we end up having two girls and I don't get to have a son. Then I started thinking... what if we just have one girl, and stop here. For the longest time I felt like I needed two kids, and for the first time I think I realized that I would be perfectly content if she were our only child. There are so many benefits to stopping with her. We'll be 38 and 40 when she graduates from high school! How awesome is that??? We'll only have to save up for one child to go to college... overall it's cheaper, hehe... Michael and I both have quite a few siblings, so she'll probably have plenty of cousins. It will be easier for me to move when Michael deploys again if I only have one little one as opposed to having a toddler and an infant, which is probably what would happen if we decided we want another. Well we're not making any decisions just yet, and we're definitely not have number two for more than another year, if we ever decide to have a number two.

I'm trying to think if there's anything else on my mind... La di da di da... I think I'll just finish this up, and probably go find a survey to do, hahaha...


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