Saturday, September 20, 2008

So close!**

So I'm 38 weeks pregnant today, my due date is two weeks away! At this point the baby could be born and need zero medical interference. That's really exciting! I've been having a ton of false labor, which is really annoying. I get crampy pains every hour or so, but until they get more intense or more patterned I'm not paying much attention to them. I figure I'll probably go a week or two after my due date, so I'm not getting my hopes up to deliver any time soon.

The nursery is almost completely done, we need to hang a few things. Once I(and by I, I of course actually mean Michael) get everything hung up on the walls I'll take pictures and post them. The bedding set came today and I got that set up. It's adorable! I love love love it! If you want to see what it looks like now here is a link to the theme... it's Sugar Plum by Cocalo. I still want that lamp and mobile... but I have the 6 piece crib set and a few other things.

I've finally gotten all of the baby clothes through the wash, and most of them have been folded and put away. I do have a load that I just did today that needs to get folded and put away. It's weird folding clothes that tiny! I got all of the blankets put away too, and boy do we have a lot of blankets! I filled the whole bottom drawer with blankets, and the dresser is larger than average, in my opinion. It's your typical 4 drawers high, but they are much wider and deeper than most dressers of that design.

I can't believe how close we are to having a baby!!! It's weird to think that all the holidays coming up will be shared with our daughter. It's definitely still not sinking in. It probably won't sink in for awhile, I'm guessing. I'm sure that as soon as she's here though, I'll wonder what I ever did without her.

Not much else has really been going on. In every other department of our life it's the same ol' same ol'. Just sitting around waiting for the baby!


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