Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Isn’t life great?**

So things have been going awesomely! I just can't imagine what my life without McKaleigh would be like, she's so amazing!

We had our two week appointment this past Thursday and she's perfect. She'd already gained 5 ounces at that appointment, which was great to hear. It's hard to know if she's eating enough, since I'm breastfeeding and can't really see how much she's getting, but it's been going really well.

Today was our first day with Michael back at work completely. McKaleigh and I stayed in bed until he came home from lunch, hehe... It was nice catching up on much needed sleep. McKaleigh's gone through a little growth spurt where she wanted to eat every 1-2 hours, it was exhausting! I think she's back to her normal schedule again... until she hits the next growth spurt. She was also getting pretty fussy lately. We're pretty sure it's just gas, but she's so hard to burp, so we ran out and got Mylicon drops last night. The look on her face is so cute when I give them to her, they smell like they would have a weird sweet/sour taste to them. The drops seem to be working, though.

Well I better go give McKaleigh her before bed feeding, and hopefully get a few hours of sleep before the middle of the night feeding! My mom came weekend before last and took some pictures, check them out and comment them if you haven't already! Also, we just got a new camera! So expect plenty more pictures of my beautiful baby girl, hehe...


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