Friday, October 10, 2008

McKaleigh is a week old!**

I can't believe she's already been alive for a whole week! Today we took her out for the first time. We just made a quick trip to the commissary, but boy was it nice to get out of the house, haha. She was a little angel and slept the whole time, in her little carrier that I wore on my chest, lol.

McKaleigh has been pretty much awesome. For the last two night in a row she's only woken up twice to be fed and then gone right back to sleep. That means we've been getting way more rest than we ever imagined we would get.

So exciting news for me... I pretty much lost 20 pounds in a week(about 10 of it in the delivery room, haha) and now I'm only 5 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight! My actual goal is to weigh less than I did before I got pregnant though, and I have quite the little tummy and love handles, which is really weird for me, haha! I fit in my jeans and everything, they're a little snug, but it's hard to get into most of my tops seeing that I'm at least 2 cup sizes bigger than I was before.

I'm trying to think if there is any other news... I took a few pictures today, so I'll post those. My mom is coming this weekend, with her really nice camera, so I'm sure there will be plenty more pictures by the end of the weekend!

Overall the three of us are all doing great:)


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