Monday, October 6, 2008

The story of McKaleigh’s birth:)**

My birth story...

Thursday @ appt- Had membranes stripped.

Thursday afternoon/evening: Had irregural contractions all night.

Friday 4AM- Woke up and couldn't sleep through contractions anymore.

7AM- Decided it was time to go to the hospital because the contractions felt so strong... I was only a loose 1cm!!! I was so upset. I got sent home and they told me that it could be false labor and could stop in 24 hours. I was sooo upset!

Getting home that morning- My contractions only got much much much worse. They were so strong that all I could do to make it feel any better was to scream and cry, and I like to think that I have a decent pain tolerance!

1230PM- Michael said we should go in because he could tell how much pain I was in. When we got there I was only 2cm!!! I thought I was going to hurt someone I was so upset... Well shortly after that I got a shot of morphine for the pain. They told me that it would make the contractions stop if it was false labor, but if it was real labor it would give me time to rest. I could still feel the contractions but they were sooo much easier to deal with, and I could actually control my breathing, unlike before.

They checked me about an hour later and I was 3-4cm, better news, a lot better than hearing that I had only progressed 1cm in 4 hours like they had told me that morning. The nurse told me that she was going to ask the ob whether or not they should actually admit me.

She came back about another hour later, maybe less, and I was already 7cm! At this point I was feeling the contractions quite a bit more. At 9cm, which didn't take too long, they got me the epidural, I was scared that they wouldn't get it to me in time, lol. I could barely feel anything. My nurse did a cervical check and my water broke, she didn't mean for it to. Well it was green, which means the baby had a bowel movement in utero, so they called in a pediatrician to be on hand just in case there was anything wrong.

It only took like 5 sets of pushing to deliver her and they had to wisk her away and suction her to make sure she hadn't ingested any of the meconium. She was 7.5 pounds and 20.5 inches, she's beautiful.

I should've known that having such an amazing delivery would mean that something had to be difficult afterward. Since it was so quick my uterus didn't really do what it was supposed to right away, so I had horrible clots, the ob had to come in and get them all out and it was probably the grossest part of the whole thing!

She's an absolute angel:) We got home a few hours ago and couldn't be happier!


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