Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I forgot this month!**

So I didn't post on the third to say that McKaleigh was another month older, lol. It had to end some time. Not much has changed though. She's getting closer and closer to sitting on her own, but she's not quite there yet. McKaleigh can almost reach the toys in her jumperoo, but still can't touch the floor when she's sitting in it! We put our Wii Fit box underneath her, lol. Michael can make her laugh, but I only really make her smile a lot, haha. She's at a fun age. Whenever she lays down now her feet go straight up so she can grab at them. Her hand eye coordination is getting really good, too. Yesterday my phone was sitting close to her and she picked it up and decided it was hers to chew on, or should I say "gum" on, no teeth yet.

Back to baby names, because I like them so much, lol... These are all of my possible scenarios, haha... I'm only planning on three, but four is a possibility.

Two girls:
McKaleigh Elizabeth Anne
Mariela Stephanie Lynn
Mallory Julianna Renee
4th: Melanie Patricia Jane or Torin Joseph Lee

One girl, one boy:
McKaleigh Elizabeth Anne
Mariela Stephanie Lynn
Torin Joseph Lee
4th: Tucker Adrian Ray or Mallory Julianna Renee

Two boys:
McKaleigh Elizabeth Anne
Torin Joseph Lee
Eli Sanford Ray
4th: Scarlett Julianna Renee or Schuyler Adrian Robert

I love them, but can still wait to have number two:) I just like making plans, haha!

Also, today is day one of my 30 Day Shred! It's a Jillian Michaels' workout, and I love Jillian, hehe. If the name sounds familiar but you're not quite sure why, think "Biggest Loser." I measured today and I actually wasn't too upset by the results, lol, but I wouldn't mind losing an inch all over. Right now I'm waist-25, hips-35, and thigh-19. You do three different levels, one every ten days. At the end of each level I'm going to post my measurements again. I'm excited, today's workout was a lot of fun! Intense, but fun:). Then after my 30 Day Shred, which with Sunday breaks will take me 35 days, I'm going to start a month of running. Then hopefully the month after that I'll be able to combine them both into my workout.

I love exercising, I don't know what I'll do when I (eventually) go back to work, lol, well that's still quite a ways away, haha.


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