Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maybe it's time to blog again?

I keep up with my MySpace blog pretty well ( I forget about this one though!

To update from my last blog, we've paid off about 7k in debt since I last wrote. A big chunk of that was from our tax refund, but nonetheless we're making progress! It's nice to have our income loosened up since we have fewer minimum payments now. We totally got rid of the 5k in random unsecured debt and the 2k in credit card debt! We're down to student loans and car.

I love feeling like we're getting ahead... then Michael has to go and break his computer, there goes 300 dollars. It's a desktop, not a laptop, and he did just buy things to rebuild a computer, instead of actually getting a new computer. At least he found a cheap way to do things.

His computer stuff just got in today, so of course he'll put it together tonight, when he FINALLY gets home. He's had to work til 9 every night so far this week and most days he doesn't get home til 7 anyways. Even though MOST units get released at 5. It's bad enough I have to be a single mom when he deploys, but I'm practically a single mom now. He's at work almost 12 hours everyday, because of PT in the morning. I'm sick of his unit. I love where we live, but because of them, I can't wait to leave! It felt good to let that out, lol... Not including PT, the Army is typically 9-5, with exceptions for certain things. But his unit has been going non-stop for the last couple months. Even on days where he's supposed to get off early or have the day off, he ends up needing to go in, or gets home later than what is assumed early. Blah di blah di blah.... I'm done now, haha.

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