Friday, March 27, 2009

Rantin' and ravin'**

...About my new phone! Hahaha... I really don't have a good blog topic. So I thought I would brag on my new phone, hehe.

So starting from the beginning... Michael had a very craptastic phone. Something was wrong with the charge port and his phone would not even hold a charge throughout ONE day! So we go to Sprint to replace his phone, and decide instead of just getting a replacement, let's upgrade his phone. And then, of course, instead of just upgrading his phone, let's upgrade mine too!

I had my phone for more than two years. It was the first phone that was actually MINE. Michael's phone was a year younger than mine, but it started out being crappier than mine, even when it was new, haha. Because we had our phones for that long, I was eligible for a $150 free upgrade and Michael was eligible for $75, so we figured why not.

We looked through all of the phones for quite some time. It's very annoying because the actual retail price is in very very very small print, and the price that is in the big numbers is for like all these rebates and yada yada yada. So it was hard to get a good idea of what the phones were going to cost. I was tempted to get the Instinct, but I'm a freak about fingerprints, and the fact that the whole phone is essentially a screen would mean that I'd constantly be cleaning off my phone. It is also more expensive, which would make me even more paranoid about something bad happening to the phone.

Neither of us wanted to get the typical flip or brick phone, so we decided we liked the side sliding ones. This brought us to the Rumor or the Rant. The price difference wasn't huge, about $20. The saleslady of course told us that the more expensive one, the Rant, was the better phone. I went back to compare the features, and indeed the Rant has EV-DO, which makes your internet better, and gives you things like the TV right on your phone.

We both got Rants, mine is Purple, his is Black. We changed our plan, almost doubling the cost
, but now I have MTV and Comedy Central, plus a ton of other cool things, on my phone! We also now have unlimited texting, so if you have my number go ahead and text whenever you want .

Now you know the story of my new phone. I really only write these blogs from my own boredom. I like writing, even if it's random and unimportant. I applaud anyone who reads this whole thing, hahaha.


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