Thursday, February 26, 2009

Together Again:)**

So after that long two week stint in the field we had barely a whole week together before he had to go out to the field again! It was only Thursday through Tuesday this time, but seriously, must they take our weekend??? Oh well, he gets a long weekend this weekend:), starting tomorrow!

McKaleigh laughed this past weekend, but it wasn't for mommy or daddy, it was for Grammy Jane. Apparently Michael and I are just big lame-os, who aren't that funny, hahaha. She hasn't laughed again since, but I was in the kitchen and my mom was changing her in the bedroom and I could hear it. So I do know that it happened, lol. It was a beautiful sound and I can't wait until the next time we can hear it.

So as many of you have probably already seen, I did some decorating in my living room. We went from totally blank, to very full and cozy. It all started with a clock, a frame, and a mirror. Then Michael went to the field and I went decorating crazy! The first day he was gone I printed out pictures at Wal-Mart and bought some pictures frames. Day number two I bought curtains and a picture frame to match the first one I bought. Day three was when my mama and sister were here, so I took advantage of her Chevy Equinox and bought a 6' bookcase and two pretty tall plants, plus curtain rods. We got these really cool, simple curtain rods that are similar to shower rods, it took like a minute to put each one up! So much easier than screws and nails!

Well day three was the end of my buying, but not the end of the adventure, oh no. The bookcase I bought was oak, and all of my furniture is cherry. Obviously not going to work, but for only thirty bucks, I was going to make it work. The other bookcase I wanted was more than a hundred dollars! Haha, so I just bought some paint and started the horrid experience of painting, at the end of day three. I'd say I did two coats of beige over everything, because I thought it'd be a good idea to paint it all before putting it together. The next day I put red on certain parts and more coats of beige on others and it was looking good. I flip over one piece so I can start assembling this thing. When I flip it back up there's a huge "tear" in the paint, like it got scratched and the paint just came right off like it wasn't even attached to the bookcase. I ended up tearing off all of the red paint and putting on a new coat that night! It was frustrating, lol. Then day five, Monday, I finally slide my perfect shelved into the perfectly painted beige inside of the bookcase and of course the paint gets all ripped up on the inside of the bookcase!!! I really did a pretty good job of minimizing that damage, but still, it was upsetting, lol.

Tuesday finally came, the day that Michael was supposed to be home. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning and vacuuming and putting that powder carpet freshener on the carpets, lol, so everything would be just right. He ended up not being released to come home until after midnight! I was not too happy, but I was happy that he was
finally home!

Well, I've already written quite a bit, and can't think of too much else to say:). Check out the pics of the living room, if you haven't already, and even if you've already looked, look again and comment!


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