Saturday, January 24, 2009

A week from the end of January:) wow!**

So I can't believe the first month of 2009 is almost already over!!! A week from now January will be coming to an end. Not too much has been going on. If you read the last blog I need help, because Michael doesn't like the name Talon. What are some other T boy names... they can't have ever been on the top 100, lol, and they have to sound like real names, hehe. Maybe Topher? I don't know if Topher Adrian Ray sounds right, hmmm.

This month is going by so fast! And then before we know it next year will be here! It felt like 2008 went by really quickly, considering I felt like I was pregnant forever, haha... last January I was finding out that I was pregnant!!! How weird to think about!

I've recently changed my thinking from only wanting one kid to wanting three or more. It's craziness. Every so often I think, only one would be sooo much easier! Plus I could give McKaleigh all of my attention. But then I start thinking about have one or four more, hehe, and it doesn't sound too bad. I think three sounds good :) hehe.

So McKaleigh has seemed pretty bored lately, so I think we're going to go get her a jumperoo, hopefully she'll like it! I'm thinking she will.

Well there's not much else to say for now!


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