Friday, January 30, 2009

Just my thoughts.**

So I've been watching HGTV like non-stop since I've been at my parents' house! It really makes me want to express myself creatively, haha. I just feel this urge to decorate and renovate. Someday I will get to turn a house into my dreamhouse.

Actually when we finally decide to own a house, I really think we'll end up building. There are so many specific things that I want, that will be hard to find already put into one house. I hate ranch style houses, I MUST have at least two stories. My ideal house will have a finished basement, main floor, second floor, and a finished attic! I want a large two story foyer, with either a grand staircase or winding staircase.

I want at least one, if not two guest bedrooms, we both have big families, lol. I could easily put four bedrooms upstairs, plus one attic and one basement bedroom, and even a bedroom off the garage, lol... There are plenty of options. I need to get some graph paper so I can draw some floor plans, just for fun. I did that a few years ago, and honestly, that house pretty much rocks, but my tastes have changed... I no longer feel that an atrium is necessary, haha.

In other areas of brainstorming, I've decided to use a different method for picking baby names, so some are still up in the air. I'm pretty sure that I'll use those middle names in some combination, but now the first names are not for sure. Well Torin Joseph Lee is still definitely going to be our first son's name.

Instead of all boys T's and all girls M's we're going to have every kids' name start with a different letter, using Michael's and my initials, M, S, T, J, and E.

For a second boy I'm thinking Sanford(my mom's maiden name), Jefferson, Ewan, Schuyler, Strom(?), Jude(like Jude Law, yummy, hehe), Eli, Emerson, Emery. And Adrian Ray will almost definitely be a second boy's middle name.

For another girl I like Evelyn, Jacqueline, Janelle, Janine, Janie, Eastlyn, Eileen, Elaine, Eliza, Emelyn, Emelia, Evette, Joelliane, Juliet, Sadie, Scarlet, Seraphina, Sienna, Stella. I'm not sure what the middle name will be but it will be some combination of Stephanie, Julianna, Renee, and/or Lynn... well unless I choose one of the many names that end in the lynn sound, because that would sound weird, lol.

So which ones do you like... don't even tell me if you don't like one, haha!

Well McKaleigh's up:).


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