Sunday, January 4, 2009

I can’t believe she’s three months old already!**

Well it's the 3rd, which means McKaleigh is another month older! We're a quarter of the way through the first year, wow! She seems to change everyday, some days she looks more like me and some days she looks more like Michael. She's babbling and cooing more and more, and I love it! As of late McKaleigh has discovered her hands which is absolutely adorable! She holds them out in front of her face and plays with them constantly. I love watching her discover the world around her! Oh, she also has pretty much mastered head control, and is always trying to sit up, it's like she's doing a little sit up because she wants to be upright, she's pretty much awesome:).

On Christmas Eve we made our way up to North Carolina to be with Michael's family. It was a ton of fun, getting to meet a large portion of her daddy's family:). On the 27th we went to the Fayetteville airport and flew to Omaha(via Atlanta.) My friend Alissa and her boyfriend Casey met us at the airport and then we made our way to Applebee's to meet up with my parents and one of my dad's friends(pretty much like my aunt, lol) Michelle. After supper we drove to Fort Dodge, getting in pretty late.

The next two days were absolutely hectic. We ran around Fort Dodge to see all of my parents' families. It seemed like everytime McKaleigh woke up she was in a new place! It was fun though, I loved getting to see everybody, and I even saw all of my mom's siblings except for one! With a family with nine kids, that's pretty hard to manage. Tuesday we drove back to Fort Benning, where Michael met us to celebrate the New Year. We didn't really do anything special, but it was still a good time.

Now we are finally back in our own house and it sure does feel nice! I love the holidays, but I also love when everything goes back to normal:).

PS: Forgot to mention that we got to take a five generation picture! With McKaleigh, me, my dad, his dad, and his dad's mom. She has four great-great grandparents!

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