Sunday, January 25, 2009

101 things I love....**

I love...

1) Being me.

2) Being married to Michael.

3) Going to bed with him every night.

4) Waking up with him every morning.

5) Having long talks with him about nothing at all.

6) Knowing I'll spend the rest of my life with him.

7) Being McKaleigh's mommy.

8) At the end of a feeding when she looks up at me and smiles.

9) Her smile anytime, really.

10) Her coos and other babbles.

11) How cute her face is when she's grumpy.

12) How cute her face is all the time.

13) Watching her grow every day.

14) Being my parents' daughter.

15) And being my siblings' big sister.

16) Thinking back on all the times we've had, good and bad.

17) The house on 17th street, that'll always be home.

18) Remembering all the friends that have come and gone in my life.

19) Reminiscing with old friends.

20) Getting to know new friends better.

21) Rekindling friendships that were lost (I love you Leanne and Jen B.)

22) Looking at old pictures.

23) Taking new pictures.

24) Cuddling with my dogs.

25) The calm I feel when I pray.

26) Running on a nice day.

27) Being sore after a workout.

28) Stretching.

29) Yoga.

30) Pilates.

31) Denise Austin :).

32) Saving money.

33) Paying off debts.

34) Not acquiring new debts.

35) Dave Ramsey :).

36) My big TV.

37) Watching movies on it.

38) "Casablanca"

39) "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

40) "When Harry Met Sally"

41) My furniture.

42) Making my husband rearrange it ;).

43) Reading a good book.

44) "Great Expectations"

45) "The Great Gatsby"

46) The Gossip Girl Series

47) Anything written by Dave Ramsey.

48) "Shattering Glass"

49) Writing when I'm bored.

50) Writing when I need to sort something out.

51) Writing because I just want to write.

52) Getting picture comments, blog comments, any comments really.

53) Watching McKaleigh eat her hand, hehe.

54) A big ice cold glass of water, when I'm really thirsty.


56) The girls I've gotten so close to through that site.

57) Realizing how much things have changed in the last few years.

58) How much better my life is than I thought it would be.

59) A really good PB & J.

60) A huge breakfast.

61) Trying new seafoods, for Michael's sake :).

62) Chili on a cold day, with a cinnamon bun.

63) Donuts on Sunday before or after church.

64) Being back at St. Paul and feeling at home.

65) Making Christmas decorations.

66) Playing in the snow.

67) Being with Aunts and Uncles that I rarely see anymore.

68) Catching up with cousins who had grown distant.

69) Giggling whenever anyone says sixty-nine.

70) "That's what she said" jokes.

71) Watching TV on the internet.

72) "The Office"

73) "Desperate Housewives"

74) "Lipstick Jungle"

75) "30 Rock"

76) "Grey's Anatomy"

77) Looking through

78) Sending bumper stickers to friends.

79) Watching sxephil on youtube.

80) Listening to the news.

81) Listening to "The Dave Ramsey Show."

82) Doing our budget.

83) Helping other people.

84) Giving people advice.

85) Watching Disney movies from when I was a kid.

86) Stand up comedy.

87) Jim Gaffigan.

88) Brian Regan.

89) Dane Cook.

90) When McKaleigh grabs onto my fingers.

91) When Michael tells me he loves me.

92) Telling Michael I love him.

93) When the house is clean.

94) When I feel like I've accomplished something

95) Thinking about all of the wonderful things in my life.

96) Realizing how lucky I am.

97) Knowing there's no where I'd rather be.

98) That I have the most amazing husband and daughter.

99) Just appreciating every minute we have together.

100) Growing together as a family

101) My life!


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