Thursday, September 24, 2009

Better than yesterday...

McKaleigh's behavior is leaps and bounds better than it was yesterday, and I'm so glad. Normally she's very independent and loves playing alone for a good portion of the day. Yesterday she was having none of that! She wanted to be with me constantly, which makes it difficult to do anything, seeing as she's not as teeny tiny as she used to be and is so hard to carry around! Right now she is very happily playing in her jumperoo:).

Michael found out that he's leaving next Saturday instead of next Friday. So at least he'll get to be there for a little bit of McKaleigh's birthday! Well, that is, if they don't leave super early in the morning. We still have to go out and get her presents. I wanted to do it without her, so there's some element of surpise. Even though I doubt she'll get too excited anyways, haha. I'm pretty sure we're going to get her a Fisher Price Little People wagon full of blocks. Maybe we'll get her one other smaller item too. You hate to spend too much on toys at this age, since they outgrow things so quickly.

Michael just sent me a text and said the official list of names of those getting promoted just came out and he is on it! So there is our 100% confirmation that his promotion is happening on the 1st! Yay for raises:)!

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