Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm not good with titles...

I'm blogging again! Woohoo! Hehe...

So I just got gmail, and have started using all of the google programs, and I gotta say, love it! My computer is broken, so I've been using my hubby's and he has NO spreadsheet or document programs. GoogleDocs definitely comes in handy:).

I've done really well with working out! It's exciting to actually be in a routine of sorts. For so long I was making so many trips. I don't think I was ever home for an entire month, which made it so hard to get into a good routine! I can't believe my daughter is going to be one in a month! I should probably call in to set up her one year appointment soon.

The crib thing... so didn't work. I have her back in bed with me, and I'm pretty sure we're co-sleeping for the long haul, lol. Things went well for the first two days, then she realized she could stand up and scream her head off. We live in an apartment, lol, I was scared the MPs were gonna come knockin' on my door! Haha. She sounded like she was being tortured and I just couldn't handle it:(.

Hubby is gone, TDY (temporary duty) in Missouri. He'll be back soon, but it's been crappy having him gone. Can't wait for him to get back:). Just a small preview of what next year will be like.

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