Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One year old and Sgt all in one week;)

My baby girl will be one year old in ten days!!! How crazy!

My husband will be a Sergeant in eight days!!! Finally! Haha.

And nothing significant is going on with me.

I did get a new computer:) It's HP and I love it. It's nice to finally have a built in webcam and mic. Plus, I'm tired of sharing my hubby's computer. I downloaded Google Chrome, and I love that, too! Google really know what it's doing!

So, bad news, right before McKaleigh's birthday, Michael will be leaving for training. So sad! And then sometime near the end of this year he'll be leaving for a year long deployment. I'm really just ready to get it over with, though. It will be a nice opportunity to pay off some big bills. I'm just glad it's only a year. Think of the wives during the world wars! When their husbands left for war they didn't come back until it was over! So I am grateful that it is only one year.

McKaleigh has been a little terror today! She wants my laptop so badly and will not let me be! Normally she play very well by herself, but today every time I put her down she comes straight to me, to steal the computer! I tried to leave my hair down, and she just yanks on it, so hard! I grab her hand and tell her no, but she just thinks it's funny. Oy vey.

What's a girl to do?

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