Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cleaning my room (Part 1)

I have been busy today! As you may know, I had a baby about three weeks ago. Well about a week before that I moved into a new bedroom, because my mother moved away for a job, leaving the master suite available for me. I pretty much just moved all of my stuff in here, and haven't organized and arranged things at all. Which means that the surfaces in my room are overflowing with stuff. Not to mention packaging from random stuff is accumulating all over. And then there's all of the paper clutter and advertisement stuff the hospital sends home with you that I need to go through and get rid of.

I'm done for today, but nowhere near being done, so this will be the first in a two or three part series. Maybe more, but not totally sure how I'll break it all down.

First I'll start with some before pictures. Everyone loves to see how messy other people's houses get, right?

The first thing I usually do when I clean my room is to make my bed. It gives me a nice clean work space, which is really nice in smaller bedrooms when you don't have much floor space to use for sorting. Thankfully I don't have that issue in this room, but it's just habit now from having smaller rooms in the past.

Still trying to decide how exactly to set up my pillows. I think I like this alright.

Next I folded up all of my laundry, and sorted it all out on my freshly made bed;).

It's also nice for holding cute babies, hehe.

Next I decided to clean up this little corner.

Ta da!

Since I had a few wraps on the ottoman, I decided to find a home for all of my baby carriers.
Here are 4 woven wraps, a homemade stretchy wrap, plus two mei tais.
There's another woven and a soft structured carrier in the car:).

Bed didn't stay made for long:P

Next I cleared off the whole floor, putting away what I could and sorting everything else. Here we have the packaging for the new printer I just bought, (that I want to keep to pack in when we move,) a basket full of cardboard, my new black woven basket I just bought to keep all of my paper recycling in, a garbage bag, and then a basket with stuff that doesn't belong in my room. 

And now to tackle the desk, eek!

Cleared things off and this was the pile of stuff to sort through and find a home for.

Already looking a lot better.

In this little organizer I have my camera cord and charger, Scentsy bars, a little section full of random odds and ends, and in the medium sized section I have my journal, some loan booklets, and little manuals for my iMac, camera, and printer.

I went through all of the stuff the hospital sent home, putting most of it in the recycling bin (what a waste of paper, seriously!) But they did send me one useful thing. They gave me this little organizer which has ready made formula bottles in it, along with a little cooler thing and some empty bottles. The formula, bottles, and cooler will all go to the women's shelter I interned at this year, but the organizer is being put to use.

Matilda and I bedshare, so I made a little night time kit. It has a container with wipes and eight diapers, and then in the left hand compartment I have an extra blanket, onesie, and underpad in case of a diaper leak or really bad spit up. I sleep with an underpad under Matilda and I to catch any milk that dribbles down or smaller bits of spit up. It's nice for bigger messes, too.

I've been working on this for most of the day, little by little. Had to take a lot of breaks to take care of my daughters, and of course lots of nursing breaks, too:).

Left to do is clean off my dresser, organize my closet, organize the movies in the closet, and find pictures and hang them up along with this clock. Oh and I have tons of boxes to sort through, one of which is sitting in my bedroom, but I don't know if I should count that toward organizing my room or another project altogether.

So that's what I've done so far! Hopefully I'll get more done tomorrow:).

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