Friday, October 7, 2011

Keep forgetting to update:).

It's been almost a month since my last post! I've sort of gotten into "vlogging" lately, so have been forgetting to update here. If you pay any attention to your YouTube subscriptions, you should subscribe to my channel:). I've posted at least once a week for the past three weeks and plan on keeping it up. Here's the link.

I've taken up crocheting, so a lot of the videos have been about what I've made, but I also post my monthly dreadlock progress updates and will probably start posting miscellaneous vlogs about life and some hooping videos once I pick the hoop up again. I haven't hooped in quite awhile! I miss it and definitely need to schedule regular hoop time:).

I've started so many new things in the last couple months... running, hooping, crocheting! It's hard to make time for everything, but I've recently started yoga, too and am hoping it will help me find balance in my life:). I think the main part of finding balance is going to be spending less time on the computer, so I've kept that in mind lately, and have been doing pretty well the last couple of days.

Fitting in all my new hobbies, along with school work, housework, and just generally being a mom is tough, but I'm managing! I much prefer squeezing things into a tight schedule rather than feeling like I never do anything. For the longest time it just felt like I was just on the computer and being a mom, with the occasional spurts of housework which seemed to always overwhelm me. Being busy and trying to fit things all into one day actually seems to make me get more done when it comes to everyday tasks and I don't get as overwhelmed. Funny how that works out:).

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