Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life is great!

I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post! Normally when I don't post it means that I'm depressed and just don't have much to say. Well, not this time! I haven't been posting because I've been busy and have tons to say! Let's see if I can get it all out into some sort of organized chaos:).

In the exercise/fitness area of my life, I have become really active! I workout 6 days a week, Friday is my rest day. I run on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; six workouts left for Couch to 5k! On Monday and Wednesday I do a Zumba workout with the Kinect and whatever else I feel like doing on those days. On Thursdays I not only run, but also go to a fitness class at the gym on post. And starting this coming Saturday I'm going to be going to a belly dancing class, as well! If you've heard the phrase "a body in motion, stays in motion," that is totally what is going on with me! I started with just a couple workouts a week, but before I knew it I was trying to plan something for everyday. I actually have to force myself to rest on Fridays! I think I'm going to start doing yoga on my run days, too. I did it today and it just felt so great to stretch out my legs and just relax.

Moving on to my dreads... They are really coming along! Everyday I wake up and my hair looks different than it did the day before. I made a video a few days ago, so I'll just post that. I love my hair, hehe:). Oh and sorry in advanced for all the noise in the background, lol. That's Adelaide playing in the little kitchen.

I also made a video earlier this month of me hooping. It had been a month since I started hooping.

Earlier this month Adelaide turned a year old! Can't believe how fast the time has gone by. For fun here's a link to my birth story with Adelaide:) I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but Adelaide started walking right around 10 months. She's growing up to be such a funny and friendly little girl:). McKaleigh is going to be 3 years old soon, so hard to believe. She recently has become hooked on playing on the computer. Every time I step away even for a minute, she'll get on the computer and navigate her way to webpages she thinks are interesting. It amazes me how well she can use the computer!

So overall, life has been great! There's probably more I could find to talk about, but this post covers too many topics as it is:).

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Megan R. said...

woohoo! You've come a long way in the hooping! That looks fun. I'm guessing it's a different kind of hoop than the plastic numbers they sell at toys r us, right? Very cool!

Wow, I can't believe Adelaide is almost 1! Well, I can hardly believe that our big kids are 3/turning 3! It's crazy to me.

You hair is looking great, I love your updates on it. :)