Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I get it from my mama;)

I've been thinking about this a lot lately and wanted to write about it:). I know so many people who don't really like exercising and it's almost like a chore for them to fit it into their day. I'm not like this at all, I LOVE exercising! In my ideal world I would stay a homemaker forever just to make sure I could easily fit in my workouts. (That doesn't really work for our long term plans, but I'll save that for another post.) I absolutely love when my muscles are sore, the feelings I get from working out just make me feel more alive!

I think I get a big part of my attitude toward exercising from my mom. I'm sure she had times where she got out of the habit of exercising for awhile, like we all do, but overall when I look back at my upbringing, I think of my mom as being a very active person. From step aerobics to Pilates, running, yoga, I think my mom has probably done it all:). And I have, too! Because of her. I can remember being very young and mimicking some of the exercises, a lot like how my daughter does now. As I got older, I would actually join her in some of her workouts. I have some fond memories of me, my mom, and Denise Austin; I still workout with Denise from time to time:). When I was in high school, we even went to the gym together frequently.

My mom never preached to me about the importance of exercise and staying active. She didn't have to, she modeled it for me. I think our actions speak so much louder than words, and actually seeing my mom stay active over the years has really been inspirational for me.
So mom, thank you! Because of you, it's easy for me to get and stay in the habit of exercising. Because of you, my girls will grow up knowing how important it is to stay active and healthy. I love you, mom!

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Dara said...

So glad I came across your blog! Totally agree with this post. I want so badly to model good behavior for my girls. I come from a family full of diabetics. I've struggled (and will struggle) with my weight my entire life. I'm at a point now where I'm doing well and what's keeping me on the right track is the fact that my 2-year-old is saying everything I say and doing everything I do. It's so important to lead by example. Love this post!