Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dread Progress- 3 months

So about a week or so ago I hit the three month mark on letting my hair dread naturally! Here are some pics of the progress:).

I''m really excited about the progress that has been made so far and can't wait to see how it will look when I get to six months!


Nicole said...

Wow, that actually looks really interesting. I know chemicals are horrible for the scalp, and I'm starting to use natural shampoo bars. Are there benefits to dreading? Or naturally dreading?

Tara said...

I wouldn't say there are necessarily benefits to dreading. I definitely wouldn't suggest anyone do it unless they really wanted dreads. The difference of natural dreads versus making dreads would just have to do with motives. I want low-maintenance dread and don't mind them being unique and different sizes, so that's why I'm just letting it do it on its own. If someone wanted dreads, but wanted them to all be neat and uniform, they would probably want to make their dreads themselves, but that would take more maintenance.
For over a year now I've used shampoo/conditioner alternatives, rather than actual shampoo/conditioner. My no 'poo blog posts talk more about that. I started doing that before I even thought about starting dreads though, so they're not necessarily related. Although no 'poo is good for dreads, since you have to use products that won't leave a residue, which most regular shampoos will.

Nicole said...

Oh, this sounds really great. I'd love to have dreads, but my husband doesn't think I should (it's pretty difficult wanting to try these things when your in laws are black and people will think you're trying to get them to 'fit in' or whatever).

What made you decide to start doing this? It's so fascinating. I never thought hair would naturally dread. :)

Tara said...

Well at first I thought white girls with dreads was kind of weird, and you would really only see white "rasta wannabes" with dreads. But then I started seeing more white women with dreads who totally didn't fit that category so it became more interesting to me. I had always heard of low maintenance dreads, and I'm one of the most low maintenance people I know when it comes to appearance, lol, so it appealed to me and I started to like how it worked.
Then I kept hear about high maintenance dreads and people made it sound like it was practically impossible to have dreads form on their own, so that totally discouraged me, since the last thing I wanted was more work in taking care of my hair, lol!
Finally I found a site that talked about how dreads for most people of all hair types will start forming after about 3-6 months of not brushing or finger combing. You can do as much or as little maintenance as you want and just have to keep your hair clean, because grease is bad for dreading since greasy dirty hair doesn't knot as fast as clean, dry hair. I randomly go through and feel for knots, just to make sure there aren't any that are too big, or that hairs that are too far away from each other aren't knotting together, and then split the knots if I need to, to make sure the dreads don't get huge, haha.
I said way more than I thought I would, lol, but you get the gist of it:).