Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm taking my life back!

And deleting Facebook!!! That's right! I'm getting rid of Facebook.

It so frequently dictates my mood. I read something that really irks me and I just get so worked up. I've decided that those who really care about me will find another way to keep up to date with my life. I'll find elsewhere to upload pictures for my relatives who live far away from us. People who want to know what I'm up to will find a way to get a hold of me. Plus, without spending half of my day on Facebook, I will have way more time to call my friends, haha. Facebook has made people lazy. You don't actually have to talk to people anymore, just read how they are doing on Facebook. It is ruining relationships, in my opinion.

I have already deleted all of my Facebook friends and all of my profile information. Once I move all of my pictures, I will deactivate my account altogether.

It's almost like a weight being lifted. I feel free!


amanda said...

So weird, cause this morning Facebook suggested we be friends! Hubs & I often think about getting off it... it's such a waste of time & such an instigator!

The Lovable Ladybug said...

I have a facebook, but only for the sake of my business. I never post status' and rarely look at others status' ... I just cant get into it I guess. I love babycenter and blogger much more :)

I am following you now and if you'd like you can come follow my blog!