Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disappointing Easter Weekend

The weekend wasn't monumentally disastrous or anything, but definitely less than ideal and very disappointing.

On Saturday we got up earlier than we normally do on a weekend to get ready to go to the Easter Egg hunt on post. We got there 30 minutes early and already the crowds were huge. It was at a sports complex and each age group was on a different baseball diamond. We were all waiting on the outside of the fence with only a medium sized gate to go through as the entrance.

What was supposed to happen: 10-15 minutes before the start of the hunt all the kids were supposed to be placed in a holding area in the outfield and then were supposed to wait for the signal to run out on the field and start collecting eggs.

What actually happened: the first couple of parents who went in were either greedy or stupid and decided to just rush the field as everyone else was funneling through the gate. Including parents, there were easily 250 people there for McKaleigh's age group, probably more than 100 kids. This resulted in the first dozen kids filling their baskets and the other 90% of the kids getting nothing, or maybe one or two eggs if they were lucky. The whole thing was over in about 2 minutes, way before the hunt was even scheduled to begin. McKaleigh didn't get a single egg, it was so disappointing! At least she is still too young to really understand what happened, but I feel really sorry for the 3 and 4 year olds who knew that they were supposed to be getting Easter eggs and ended up with nothing.

You could see everything running smoothly in the other age groups, which made it all the more disappointing. We just left right away so we wouldn't have to deal with traffic, then we made a trip to Savannah to try and salvage the day.

Easter Sunday was equally disappointing for me. I bought dresses for the girls and was looking forward to going to church. To make a long story short, we didn't go, McKaleigh was being much more temperamental than usual and I just dreaded the thought of sitting through a service with her. Adelaide is at an age where she would probably be difficult to handle, too, and Michael can't quite handle both of them for too long, so going on my own wasn't really an option. Instead I just took a really long nap, sleeping is what I do when I'm sad. Next year,the Easter bunny will be stopping by our house while we're at church.

Update on my weekend goals: After I wrote my last post, I went out to the garage and started doing a little work. Moved some boxes into the closet, went through a few other boxes and sorted out what was garbage and what can be kept, sold, or donated. Michael eventually got all of his Army stuff put away. I still have a lot to do out there until it's really satisfactory, but I did get some stuff done.

I'm not mad at myself for not finishing the garage because I was still very productive this weekend. I went through the whole kitchen, had some stuff taken out to the garage that I plan to sell, threw away a lot of stuff, and put a lot of other stuff in a more appropriate place. I used my new steam mop and mopped every inch of floor in there. Want to know a dirty little secret? I hadn't mopped the floor in any way whatsoever since the time we moved in, in November of 2009! The floor surprisingly did not turn the mop pad completely black, it was pretty dark, though. I have been meaning to buy a steam mop for so long but just didn't have the money. I finally had some PayPal money in my account from selling a carrier and used it at walmart.com and had the mop shipped site to store for free! It's so easy to use! I even used it this morning to mop the heavy traffic areas. I think I'm going to be addicted to having clean floors now.

Tuesdays are my dedicated cleaning days, so I've been getting a lot done today. My reasoning for Tuesday being cleaning day is that it's the first day of my school week. I can spend all day cleaning and not have to worry about my school work because I have 6 more days to get schoolwork done. When I get in the mood to clean later in the week, I usually have to resist because I have schoolwork to do. That's what makes Tuesday my perfect cleaning day. I've done laundry, cleaned up the kitchen some more, tidied up the living room (which is immediately made mess again), and vacuumed! It's been a good day for me. I know some people probably do this stuff all the time, but seriously, for me it's a big accomplishment to get so much done in one day! I'm hoping to clean the main bathroom today, too! Right now I'm taking a little break:).

Hope everyone else had a great Easter weekend!

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