Thursday, January 10, 2013

Organizing Revolution 2013: The Kitchen

Yay for another week of organizing! Last week I placed 4th! Just a few votes short of winning a prize. Let's see if I can break into the top three this week.

Once again I have to take into consideration the fact that I am moving soon. I didn't want to buy too many items specific to my current kitchen layout, when the next kitchen could be totally different. The things I did purchase were all pretty basic, so I should be able to adapt them to any kitchen space.

My favorite part of this project is set out on the counter, so it should definitely work in any kitchen. That would be my new drink station! It's made up of my coffee maker, a carousel for k-cups, and a little tray with some other drink items on it. The tray is something I purchased last summer. It came in a set of four with little cups and I'm so excited to finally have something to use it for! I think whenever you have small items that you want to keep out in the open, a tray is an easy way to make it look neater. The tray shows that the items are supposed to be on the counter, and you didn't just forget to put them away!

I also consolidated all of my other drink related items. The coffee cups were in the cabinet to the left, the extra k-cups were in the cabinet to the right, so now they are all in this one section right above the coffee maker. I love having it all together!

I did a few other things as well. I got some baskets to try and help tame the corner pantry cabinet. It is far from perfect, but it's a huge improvement over the mess that it was before.

I bought a tiered rack to sort out my chaotic cupboard of spices.

I bought this little basket thing to make this dedicated baking space. A lot of this stuff had been sitting on the counter or had been in the top section of our snack cabinets.

I bought this little shelf, not knowing exactly what I was going to do with it. I ended up using it to give the bread a home, since it usually just sits out on the counter.

I also decided to test out prepackaging snacks for the girls! I put carrots and cheese cubes in some small rubbermaid containers, and divied up all of the cheese its into Ziploc containers. It's nice to pre-package it all when I have time, so then when the girls want a snack and I'm busy, they just have to grab the container and are all set! I think I'll be buying some more so that I can do this with all of our snacks! I just got a few to start out with in case I ended up not liking them. So far it's working well. I'd take a picture but the snacks don't last long, haha. They seem to really like it.

Overall I love the changes I've made. This didn't take very much time, I did it one day during naptime! I can't wait to start fresh with my next kitchen and organize everything from top to bottom!

To vote for me, go to this link and scroll down to hit the vote button on #98 Tara of FD Home Organizing. Thanks!

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hsmominmo said...

Terrific Job! That little tray is the perfect thing :)