Monday, April 26, 2010

I reserve the right...

To change my baby girl's name as many times as I want to before she's born!

Mariela just didn't feel right. I still love the name, but when I call the baby in my belly Mariela, it doesn't stick at all, and I feel like I'm forcing it.

For a day or two I was looking for a girl's name that started with a T, since McKaleigh is named after Michael, I was thinking this baby could be named after me:). Well I don't really like many T names, and none of them felt right either.

So I finally decided to give up on my crazy methods, and just chose a name that I really love, and make it have meaning.

The first name as of right now is Adelaide, Addy for short:). McKaleigh goes by Kaleigh for short, so I thought it would be nice for them to each have uncommon names, but with common nicknames. Adelaide means "of noble kind" and her daddy and I both love pretty much anything that has to do with nobility. There was a queen of England named Adelaide and when reading about her on Wikipedia, I found this quote: "Queen Victoria, who never forgot her aunt Adelaide's kindness to her, remembered her at the christening of her firstborn child, Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise." Well if you haven't read previous posts, my grandmother's name is Mary Louise! That to me was a major sign, and I really just can't imagine naming her anything other than Adelaide.

Middle names are still up in the air. Adelaide Mary Louise is in the running, but not my favorite. Another possibility is Adelaide Louisa Marie, just a different take on Mary Louise. The name that I'm pretty sure we'll be going with is Adelaide Elizabeth Jane. My mom's name is Jane Elizabeth, my middle name is Jane, my sister's middle name is Elizabeth, and McKaleigh's middle names are Elizabeth Anne. I like that they would share their first middle name, but have different second middle names... McKaleigh Elizabeth Anne & Adelaide Elizabeth Jane. It makes me smile just typing it out!

Most importantly, she "feels" like an Adelaide. It's easy for me to call her Adelaide and Addy. I truly think that it is already her name:).

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Soldier's Wife said...

I like the name Adelaide.. Its beautiful!