Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She’s two months old today!**

Wow, McKaleigh is getting so big! People still point at her and say "awww look at the tiny baby," whenever we're out, though, lol. McKaleigh and I spent all of last week at Ft Benning and then Michael came Wednesday night. Thanksgiving dinner was good, uneventful for the most part. Michael and I had our first night out alone, we went to dinner and a movie last Friday. So McKaleigh got her first bottle, which my mom said she took pretty well, but looked confused, lol. I doubt we'll be making a habit of bottle use though.

Sunday McKaleigh was baptized at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, after the service. Antonio, Selena, Zachary, and my cousin Tyler are her sponsors, basically what some churches would call godparents, I think. I wish we could've done it at St Paul in Fort Dodge so more of my family could've been there, but I'm not sure when Michael will be able to come to FD with me.

McKaleigh's become way more vocal lately and coos and aahs a lot more, hehe, it's adorable. She has a bouncy seat with animals dangling in front of her and she'll just kick her legs and flail her arms like crazy to get those animals to move back and forth, haha. I can't think of much else... Time goes by so quickly!

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