Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to keep me blogging?

I think I'm going to start having "themed" days of the week to try and get me focused on blogging. I feel like blogging helps keep my depression at bay, or at least I blog more when I'm happier, so I want to try and do it more consistently. I thought of three different days I would like to do and I want to blog on at least two of those day each week.

The first of the days would be "Beat the Blues Tuesday." These posts would be about the things I do to keep my depression away. I definitely have more than "the blues" when I'm really deep in my depression, but that title is cutesier:). I'll probably write about exercise or organization on these days. Those are two things that I have trouble keeping up with, but when I do, I'm so much happier, so I feel that they actively contribute to helping with my depression.

The next day would be "Creative and Crafty Thursday." In these posts I will write about anything crafty I do. I love to crochet, and I want to take up sewing soon. Plus I'm really strongly considering homeschooling my girls, so I may talk about some of the homeschool preschool stuff I do with McKaleigh. This will also be when I post any tutorials if I come up with a pattern for something.

Lastly will be "Living Life: Weekend Update." This will be a general miscellaneous post about anything going on with me! I'll talk about my daughters, my pregnancy, my marriage, things that I'm involved with, or just about me in general.

For this month I would like to do a minimum of 6 posts! That's less than two a week on average, so it should be totally doable. Now let's see if I can stick to it:). This could technically count as my first Beating the Blues Tuesday post, haha! This is definitely something I'm doing to try and keep my depression from creeping up again. Hopefully I can get into a good groove:).

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