Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ella Belly mei tai giveaway!

Part of my crunchiness involves crunchy parenting. This includes babywearing, as you may have realized from my earlier babywearing post. Well it can turn into quite an addiction, haha, and makes you want to try out as many different kinds of carriers as you can get your hands on! I've never tried a mei tai before and have my first one on the way right now. That is not enough of course though... I want to try more!

A friend of mine has a blog, Newly Wed, Newly Bred. If you've never read her before, you should, because she's hilarious! And she has lots of great giveaways! What's better than free stuff??? Ummm, just about nothing! Right now she has an Ella Belly giveaway. I've never tried one before, but Megan is by no means a new babywearer, so I trust her judgment!

On second thought, don't, because I want to win! Hehehe.

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